About us

Welcome to TWO JAYNES! We are happy you are here and hope our boutique will become your go-to shop for all things gifting. We offer a mixture of handmade, curated & vintage goods and always aim to keep our products versatile for various occasions. Our hope is that you can consistently count on TWO JAYNES to keep it FUN, CLASSY, and GIFTABLE!

As an online boutique, our shop is open day and night. For those in the Northern Virginia region, you can also find us at local events and retailers. More info here.

So, what's our story? 

We are a mother-daughter duo, Sara Jayne & Macy Jayne.  Sara studied engineering and worked in business consulting prior to having her first child, Macy Jayne.  Macy is a student, soccer player, avid reader and music lover.  In late 2015, the idea of starting this business was born. As a business professional turned stay at home mom, Sara had been out of the workforce over a decade. With both kids in school, she was ready to start a new endeavor. Feeling drawn to a flexible schedule and a love for creating, Sara imagined this business as a way to connect with Macy outside the traditional mother-daughter roles. Sharing the same middle name, made our business identity a no brainer - TWO JAYNES! At the inception, we had no idea where our brand would go, but were up for the exciting journey. We are blessed to do what we love and do it together. To say it has become a family endeavor is an understatement. We are lucky to have the support and encouragement of a wonderful family & team alongside us.

We hope you enjoy what you find at TWO JAYNES. Please take a moment to follow us on Instagram and Facebook so we can keep you up to date on all our shenanigans!

Cheers to the season and cheers to you!


Sara Jayne & Macy Jayne